Mobile scan&go self-service platform

What is Smarts

All stores in one app

Smarts is a self-service broker that provides mobile based self-service platform for stores. Customers can use their mobile phones to do their shopping and use the app in every store connected to the Smarts system.

All your clients in one app

Fast and simple store integration. Smarts contains many features such as purchase controls, reports and analysis. Stores can configure Smarts by their needs, for example stores can choose purchase control strategies. Smarts offers SDK for quick and simple integration.

Smarts Advantages

Store integration

Give us your product information and payment channels. We will take care of the rest. Smarts provides SDK for stores to make store integration quick and easy.


For stores, Smarts offers several purchase control methods. We also offer a purchase control application that can be used by the stores staff. For exaple: Age, time limit, amount, random control. Stores can choose when and how the purchase control takes place. Smarts GRPC server has a built in security component that makes sure if the store is safe to share their data. Smarts internal authorization is based OAuth 2.0 with OpenID protocol.

Fast and reliable system

We use microservices to increase horizontal scalability of the system. Instead of relational databases, we use NoSQL databases to handle big data sets. Smarts uses cache servers to decrease request time. In OPS side, we use technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes to offer zero down time and reliable system for our clients.

Cost efficient

Smarts will not take a monthly fee from stores, instead we will take a percentage from each transaction where Smarts is used. The percentage varies with each individual store or chain which depends on store income and daily customer amount. With this business model, bigger and smaller stores can integrate Smarts.

Payment methods

At first, Smarts will support debit and credit cards. As soon as possible, we will support PayPal, ApplePay, AndroidPay. We use reccuring payment method so customers don’t have to insert card details multiple times.


We are not collecting and selling customers personal data. We also dont use product information for any other reason than to cache it to make Smarts product scans as fast as possible. After MVP development, Smarts offers statistic overviews of store customers buying habits and trends. Smarts provides statistics of stores market value regionally and globally.




Our Team

Kristo has earned a master’s degree in informatics from Tallinn University of Technology. He has worked as a software developer in different tech companies and has over 5 years of experience in the tech industry.

Kristo Truu

Chief Executive Officer

With six years as a professional software developer and a BA degree from Tallinn University of Technology, Ilja is very experienced in his profession. Among other projects he has helped to develop Autopay smart parking systems.

Ilja Andrejev

Chief Technology Officer

Years of experience in the financial sector, Glen was the head of investor relations in United Partners and before that he worked in Swedbank and SEB as a broker in Baltic stock markets. He has earned a BA degree from Edinburgh Napier University, with honours.

Glen Madis

Chief Financial Officer

Hendrik is an experienced marketing specialist who has been a part of projects all over Europe. He has worked in the field of marketing and communications for many years, doing advertising and social-media campaigns.

Hendrik Jaanre

Chief Marketing Officer

Karla has been working as a designer for several years. He mainly focuses on graphic design, illustration and branding. Karla has mainly worked as a freelancer and worked for various companies, big and small. He has a strong passion for the visual language and works every day to make magic happen.

Karla Ribelus

Graphic designer

Oliver has earned a master’s degree in informatics from Tallinn University of Technology. He has years of experience in testing Android and iOS applications. His main assignments have been developing tests for web and mobile applications.

Oliver Oidekivi

QA Specialist

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