Mobile scan&go self-service platform

What is Smarts

All stores in one app

Smarts is a self-service broker that provides mobile based self-service platform for stores. Customers can use their mobile phones to do their shopping and use the app in every store connected to the Smarts system.

All your clients in one app

Fast and simple store integration. Smarts contains many features such as purchase controls, reports and analysis. Stores can configure Smarts by their needs.



Smarts mobile application.  For merchant customers to use self-service. (Android, iOS)

Smarts Worker mobile application. For merchant employees to manage purchase control. (Android)

Smarts Manager web application. For merchant self-service manager to configure and manage stores in one environment. Statistics reports, worker management etc…


Smarts invoice processing. All invoice management and payment processing is done by Smarts 

Merchant side invoice processing. Merchants are able to manage invoice processing and calculation by themeselves via integration.


Product based campaigns. Such as amount modification campaign, amount based unit price modification campaign.

Periodical/ invoice based campaigns. Such as total price modification campaign.


Master / VISA based payments via mobile applications

Client cards registration and linking. Clients are able to register and link merchant client cards via Smarts mobile application.

Purchase checks

Purchase checks managed by Smarts. Smarts will take care of purchase checks. All purchase checks are processed via Smarts Worker mobile application.

Purchase checks managed by merchant. Merchants has full control of purchase check process.

Store based purchase checks. Such as random purchase checks.

Product based purchase checks. Such as age, amount time based checks.


Custom Smarts Spring Boot starter. Available to use custom Smarts Spring Boot starter developed by Smarts for simpler integration.

Fully customize integration. Does not limit the use of any technologies.




Our Team

Kristo Truu

Chief Executive Officer

Ilja Andrejev

Chief Technology Officer

Karla Ribelus

Graphic designer

Glen Madis

Chief Financial Officer

Hendrik Jaanre

Chief Marketing Officer

Oliver Oidekivi

QA Specialist

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